Sunday, June 03, 2007

Retro Cake Challenge No. IV

There's no stopping that T.W.Barritt over at Culinary Types. We have a few little email converstations about old-fashioned cakes, a little vintage recipe searching, and the recipe hardly pauses in cyberspace before it is cooked, photographed and blogged for your delight. Each story is written in a style appropriate for the cake. The latest is set in the 1950's when the latest fashion was a German Chocolate Cake.

The recipe for this cake appeared in the newspapers in late 1957. The first mention is said to have been in a Dallas newspaper in the fall, but so far I have been unable to track this down. By December it had spread to North Carolina, as The Daily Times-News in Burlington asked on December 17th of that year:

Would you like Recipe for German Chocolate Cake?
There is a new cake that is causing considerable comment here this Christmas. It is a German chocolate cake and everywhere we have been recently someone has been talking about the recipe and how it might be obtained.

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