Friday, December 22, 2006

More Vintage Christmas Recipes.

Some more recipes have been added to the collection of Vintage Christmas Recipes.

The recipes are in order of historic date. The recipes added today are:

1860: Alexis Soyer explains how to cook a three course Christmas Dinner in one three-legged pot, and also gives a recipe for an economical eggless Christmas pudding “for the million”.

1896: The U.S. Commissary General Of Subsistence instructs Army Cooks how to make Plum Pudding to feed thirty men.

1937: A Bakery Trade recipe book published by a margarine manufacturer explains how to make Christmas Pudding from Cake Crumbs.

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Sally said...

Merry Christmas O.F.! May your New Year be healthy and happy.

The Old Foodie said...

And the very same to you and yours Sally!

freespirit said...

hello I just was surfing for recipes when I came across your site. Very interesting indeed how recipes have changed over time. I am wondering if you have come across a recipe for Mock green tomato mincemeat. I had such a recipe for year but I have unfortunately lost it. Even tho it is made with green tomatoes it is absolutely awesome and you can not tell that it was made with green tomatoes. brenda

The Old Foodie said...

Hello freespirit. I dont remeber seeing a recipe for green tomato mincemeat, but I will see if I can find one in time for the coming Christmas.