Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Thanksgiving Menus, Part IV; "Other"

Here is a final offering of historic Thanksgiving menus for your enjoyment.

1918: The crew aboard U.S.S. Manchuria had a wry sense of humour, if this Thanksgiving menu is any guide.

Dish Water
Roast Sea Gull
Soft Packing
Cranberry Sauce
Sweet Spuds
Ice Cream a la Manchuria
Punk Slider
1937: The Soviet explorers at the weather camp on the polar floe had on American Thanksgiving Day: canned soup, canned vegetables, smoked sausages, dried meat, cakes, tea.

1969: The Apollo 12 astronauts just splashed down in time for Thanksgiving. In their cramped quarantine trailer aboard the U.S.S Hornet, they sat down to turkey with cranberry sauce and a choice of cherry or pecan pie, before watching the movie “Good-by Columbus”.
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