Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving, Again.

It is a little difficult to avoid giving you a Thanksgiving story today – and why would I want to anyway? Before I give you today’s historical Thanksgiving menu, here are the links to previous Thanksgiving posts, in case you should want to thoroughly revise the topic before we proceed.

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Five posts have covered Thanksgiving pies:
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Other Thanksgiving foods featured in the past have been:
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Now, as the military seem to be under-represented in the posts for this special day, here is the
Thanksgiving Day menu for 1945 from U.S.S. PC-1138, in Pearl Harbour, Hawaii.

Celery and Ripe Olives
Cream of Tomato Soup
Vegetable Dressing Giblet Gravy Mashed Potato
Fruit Cocktail
Pie Plum Pudding
Nuts Candy
Cigars and Cigarettes.

For the today’s recipe, I give you a military quantity of Cream of Tomato Soup from the U.S. Navy cook-book (1920). I doubt that the military were doing it much differently a couple of decades later when the men aboard U.S.S. PC-1138 enjoyed their turkey and cigarettes in 1945.

10 gals. stock
20 lbs.tomatoes
3 lbs. onions
5 lbs. flour
3 lbs. milk
1/8 oz baking soda
5 lbs. bread for croutons.
Boil together the tomatoes and onions until they become a pulp, then mash and strain through a fine colander; add to the stock and thicken well with a white roux. Simmer for 30 minutes; then add the soda and then the milk. Season and serve with the croutons. The consistency of this soup should be that of a good thick cream.

Quotation for the Day.

What's a soup kitchen?
Paris Hilton.

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Janice said...

Well that is one big soup they made back then in 1945! And i thought i had a lot of food to prepare, lol!!