Saturday, January 27, 2007

1 can of meat, 100 recipes.

My search for a recipe for yesterdays post Australian Meat, English Pie led me to Cassell's Dictionary of Cookery, which was published in England in the 1870's. It gives, under Tinned Meat, Australian, a total of one-hundred recipes for this product.

The recipes are, let it be said, not particularly appetising to us today. There is, in fact, a certain cant look/cant look away quality to them, but for reasons which I am at a loss to explain, and which perhaps are best not explored, I feel compelled to make this culinary treasure more widely available.

I have, therefore, decided to gradually post them. As the topic is above and beyond the normal Old Foodie postings, I have decided that the recipes will be housed on the Companion to the Old Foodie site. Doing it this way also ensures that visitors to this site dont fall over them accidentally and get a fright.

If you are interested, and are not afraid of fatty lumps of canned meat, or other ingredients such as Pea Powder, you will find "Tinned Meat, Australian" HERE.

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I love pies.I would love it if you have recipes of different pies from all over the world