Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Old, Christmas New.

My dear readers and friends: whether, at this time of the year, you celebrate Chanukah, Christmas, Saturnalia, Newtonmas, the Soltice, or simply a day off work, I wish you a happy and peaceful time with those you love and who love you.

In case you should find yourselves in need of a little light reading or listening while you await the cooking or digesting of your dinner, or avoid the cleaning up thereof, I give you the following little treats.

Christmas Past and Christmas Present: the podcast.

I recently took part in a program on ABC Radio National on the subject of the traditional Christmas dinner. I was honoured to share air-time with the marvellous Australian cook, food writer, television personality Maggie Beer.  You can download the podcast HERE.

Christmas Pie.

Please enjoy a slice of Christmas Pie HERE. My book Pie: A Global History gets a mention in this delightful Christmas e-card (middle wedge on the left), but please do start with the lovely music in the top right, and work your way around, slice by slice.

Historic Christmas Menus.

The menu of Queen Victoria’s Christmas Dinner in 1899 is HERE.

Christmas in Faraway Places: menus from explorers and travellers from a previous blog post are HERE.

The menu of Christmas dinner held by the Duke of Buckingham in 1808, and attended by the exiled French King Louis XVIII is HERE.


Saffron Paisley said...

What a fabulous post, Janet! I love reading menus. Merry Christmas!

T.W. Barritt at Culinary Types said...

Merry Christmas, Janet! I absolutely LOVED the podcast. What great fun to hear you talking about so many Christmas traditions! We celebrated in the US with a pretty spectacular retro cake! All the best!

The Old Foodie said...

Hello Sonia and T.W.! I hope you had a very glad time with your loved ones. I loved your cake, T.W - I have been enjoying your snowy Christmas posts. It has been a wet Christmas here - which is not a bad thing as that means it has been cooler (It is all relative, isnt it? My Canadian visitors thought it was hot :))
Am looking forward to another year of blogging and cyber-friendship.