Friday, December 31, 2010

All Aboard for New Year’s Eve.

It is a while since I gave you a cruise ship menu, so here is one from New Year’s Eve, 1941. It is from a ship of the Aberdeen and Commonwealth Line, and appears to have been on a voyage to or from Canada.

Crème de Tomato
Sole Blanchaille
Vol au Vente Toulouse
Supreme of Chicken, Stanley
Roast Sirloin of Beef
Carrots Flamande
Puree & Browned Potatoes
Savoury Rice

Cold Buffet;
Roast Pork, Apple Sauce
Americano Pudding
Scotch Shortbread
Mince Pies

Coffee Cheese Biscuits Tea.

I am greatly intrigued by the Americano Pudding, but have not been able to find a recipe, so it must remain a mystery for the time being. Perhaps it was a special invention of the chef aboard the vessel?

Instead, here is a recipe for Savoury Rice, courtesy of Mrs Harriet Anne de Salis, from her book Savouries à la Mode (1887)

Savoury Rice.
Put into a saucepan six cupfuls of stock or broth into which has been previously dissolved a good allowance of either tomato paste or tomato sauce, add pepper and salt to taste; when it boils, throw in for every cupful of stock half a cupful of rice, well-washed and dried before the fire. Let the whole remain on the fire until the rice has absorbed all the stock, then melt a large piece of butter, and pour it over the rice.


Gary said...

Was "Supreme of Chicken, Stanley" anything like "Beefsteak Stanley" -- that is, garnished with bananas?

The time period is right...

Judy said...

I wonder if the Americano Pudding was a corn pudding made with maple syrup. I can't think of any pudding more 'American' than a corn pudding. It will be interesting to know what you find.

Marcheline said...

Savoury rice sounds like a perfect alternative for macaroni and cheese... starchy, hot, and comforting. MMMMMm!

Happy New Year!!!