Monday, December 27, 2010

Turkey Again?

As the peak of Christmas season passes we can all wind down and enjoy the fridge full of leftovers, right? I like this idea for leftover turkey from The Times, of December 18, 1939

Little Turkey Puddings.
Chop up the white meat from a cooked turkey and season it to taste. Add two eggs beaten up with two tablespoons of cream and a few breadcrumbs. Mix well together and flavour lightly with salt and cayenne. Put the mixture into buttered fireproof cups, and steam for about 45 minutes. Hand a good B├ęchamel sauce, well seasoned, with finely chopped. These puddings can be turned out if preferred.
Cold turkey is excellent served with a salad of equal quantities of celeriac and Jerusalem artichokes boiled separately, drained, sliced and dressed with mayonnaise. Large brazil nuts shelled and thinly sliced may be added with advantage.

Today is also the ‘Second Day of Christmas’. If you are confused about the naming of the days, you can read my interpretation

A few years ago I wrote a post for each of the Twelve Days of Christmas, inspired by the old song. Here are the links:
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Quotation for the Day.

They sat down at tables that well might have groaned, even howled, such was the weight that they carried.
Martha McCullough-Williams.

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