Thursday, May 21, 2009

When Cream is not Enough.

Today’s recipe comes from a time when fat (whether on the body or on the plate) was A Good Thing. I dedicate this post to those courageous souls amongst you who scorn the nutrition police and have no fear of calories or cholesterol, but who, for reasons of your own nevertheless like to go sugar-free. I give you this eighteenth century indulgence for dessert.

Fry’d Cream.
Take a Quart of good new Cream, the Yolks of seven Eggs, a bit of Lemon Peel, a grated Nutmeg, two Spoonfuls of Sack [sherry], as much Orange-flower Water; Butter your Sauce-pan, and put it over the Fire; stir it all the while one way with a little white Whisk, and as you stir, strew in Flour very lightly, till ‘tis thick and smooth; then ‘tis boil’d enough, and may be poured out upon a Cheese-plate or Mazarine; spread it with a knife exactly even, about half an inch thick, then cut it in Diamond-squares, and fry it in a Pan full of boiling sweet Suet.
A collection of above three hundred receipts in cookery, physick, and surgery: for the use of all good wives, tender mothers, and careful nurses; Mary Kettilby, 1714.

Quotation for the Day.

A pessimist is someone who looks at the land of milk and honey and sees only calories and cholesterol.


KT said...

Wow. Fried cream. I thought our modern deep-fried snicker bar was bad.

EB said...

Really... goes to show that anything and everything can, and will, be fried.

Anonymous said...

What is "a cheese-plate of Mazarine?"

The Old Foodie said...

OOPS, should be "or mazarine" - a mazarine being a flat plate. Now corrected, thankyou!