Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Yorkshire rabbit.

Yorkshire recipes will be the theme of the rest of the week – by which I mean they must have ‘Yorkshire’ in the title. Today, to add to our collection of variations on a theme of Welsh Rabbit (HERE and HERE) , I give you Yorkshire Welsh Rarebit, which you will all now realise is incorrectly named. It also uses Cheshire Cheese. But – my selection criterion was only that it must have Yorkshire in the name.

Yorkshire Rarebit.
4 oz Cheshire cheese
½ oz. butter
3 tablespoonfuls milk.
A little vinegar, mustard, pepper,
2 slices buttered toast.
2 poached eggs.
Cut cheese into small pieces, place them in a saucepan with the butter and milk, add a little made mustard, a few drops of vinegar, and pepper to taste. Stir and cook gently until the mixture resembles thick cream. Meanwhile prepare two slices buttered toast, and pour cheese preparation over toast. Then lay a poached egg on each piece of toast.
From: The Yorkshire Observer (newspaper) cook book, 1934-5.

P.S. Before you ask, Yorkshire Pudding (and Toad in the Hole) is HERE


Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen this recipe anywhere that used ale as a liquid? I've done it this way and it's really good. I've also done it that way as a fondue which was great.

The Old Foodie said...

Hello Doug - yes, I have seen ale used - I like to think it is the 'real' rabbit. Fondue with ale sounds like a great idea.