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Triple Decker Hot Sandwiches, Aussie-style, 1936.

Some time ago I wrote a post on hot sandwiches, which were “Something of a Novelty” in 1896. More recently I wrote another on the club sandwich – the celebrity version of the sandwich with multiple layers. I now want to share with you an entire article from an Australian newspaper of 1936 which combines both concepts, and as a bonus includes recipes whose names are completely irresistible.

From the Warwick Daily News (Qld.) of 6th March 1936:

That Earl of Sandwich who is credited, with inventing the now indispensable comestible named after him would certainly fail to recognize the sandwich if he could see it today. From "two slices of bread with a piece of meat between" the sandwich has grown higher and tastier, and it may even be served as the principal dish at lunch or supper.

Hot sandwiches, by the way, art eaten with knife and fork, and any favourite vegetable may be served with them, mashed potatoes being a delicious accompaniment.

OUT WEST.—Cut into small thin slices some left-over boiled mutton, spread them over lower deck and sprinkle with capers or any mild (chopped) pickle. Add second deck, spread over it a layer of hot mashed potato sprinkled with parsley, add top deck and serve.

ROST-FIGHTER.—Fry in a little butter till brown some chopped left-over fowl or rabbit, 1 onion, 1 cooking apple and some raisins, add 1 teaspoon flour and ½ cup thick gravy. Stir till thick and very hot, spread mixture over, slice of hot buttered toast, put on second deck, cover with layer of mild chutney and put top deck on. Serve with sliced hard-boiled eggs.

DAD'S FAVOURITE.—Put into a saucepan ½ cup good stock, add some cold cooked carrots (diced) and minced cold salt beef and a little thickening, heat till thick and pour on to first slice of toast. Add second deck, cover this with hot mashed potato and turnip with a little mustard- pickle, add top deck and serve hot with onions boiled in milk.

TROPIC TRANSPORT.—Slice a ripe tomato ½ in. thick, season with salt, dip in flour and saute in hot fat. Cut pineapple the same thickness and cook in same way. Arrange a slice of tomato on biscuit or bread, then a slice of pineapple, then another of bread or biscuit, another of tomato, and bread or biscuit on top. Place under toaster; turn to toast under-side and serve.

TOMMY-IN-THE-CORN.—Cut corn from a cooked cob or use ½ cup of tinned corn. Fry a small onion in fat till brown, add corn as dry as possible, add 1 tablespoon butter, 1 of flour and 1 cup - tomato sauce or puree. Season well, simmer till very hot and thick. Butter slices of brown or white bread or toast, pour the mixture over them and put a slice of bread on top. Serve with a lettuce leaf.

CHICKAMUSHROOM.— Cut up finely 1|cup of left-over cooked chicken, add 1 cup tinned mushrooms, sliced and sauted in butter, and add 1/2 cup of flour to form a thick paste; stir in ¾ cup of milk and stir till thick. Add chicken, 1 well beaten egg, a little chopped parsley and simmer a few moments. Serve hot between slices of toast, hot biscuits or buttered roll or use bread and lightly toast on each side after filling is placed in sandwich.

THREE-IN-ONE.—Flake enough cooked or tinned fish to make a cupful, add 2 cups cooked potato and mix all with a beaten egg and salt and pepper to taste. Mash well, and add milk if the mixture is too dry. Make into rolls about 4 inches long, wrap in thin bacon, skewer with a match and grill or fry till the bacon is cooked. Place between two crisp slices of toast and pour over a little tomato sauce or a touch of anchovy sauce if preferred. May be made a three-decker.

MURRAY MOUTHFULS. — Well-butter three slices of hot toasted brown bread and sprinkle each "deck" with salt and pepper. Spread on the first deck 2 tablespoons of cooked rabbit chopped fine, 1 tablespoon minced cooked ham, some finely chopped pickled onion and some shredded parsley, all mixed with a little thick gravy and made hot before spreading. Put on the second deck and spread on some cooked cauliflower well mashed in white sauce; sprinkle grated cheese over, put top piece of toast on and serve hot garnished with sprigs of parsley.

CELERY CREAM.—One cup of finely sliced onion, 1 cup celery cut into ½ in.lengths. Fry with 1 tablespoon butter till transparent, but not brown, pour on buttered toast and cover with this sauce. Cook 1 ½ tablespoon each of flour and butter till frothy and stir until thick, adding 1 cup finely cut celery and a little cream or milk to make thin enough to use as sauce. Add salt and pepper to taste and put slice of toast over. Grated cucumber or carrot may be added to this sauce.

DERWENT DELIGHT.—Three tablespoonsof chopped and cooked mushrooms, the juice of 1 lemon, 1 cup of thick gravy (any left-over may be used),mashed potato, 2 tablespoons chopped cooked lean ham or bacon. Heat mushrooms, lemon juice and gravy, add seasoning and pour mixture on to a slice of toast; add middle deck, cover with mashed potato and ham, add top slice, garnish with hot cooked mushrooms and serve with remainder of mashed potato.

EDGECLIFFE ZEST.—Cut a ripe tomato into slices about ½ in. thick and fry lightly, seasoning with salt and pepper and a touch of chopped mint or parsley. Make a rich sauce of 1 ½ tablespoon butter, the same quantity of flour, and nearly a cup of milk. Season and add herb used in tomato. Arrange tomato on thin slices of toasted brown or white bread, buttered, and pour hot sauce over them. Serve quickly so that sauce does not soak into the bread. Fried bread maybe used for this or any sandwiches.


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