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Thanksgiving Day Banquet of the American Society in London (1896)

There is only one food topic this week, and that is, of course, Thanksgiving. Even if you do not live in America, it is impossible to ignore, or avoid, the day, due to the complete and utter saturation of global food-media with the event.

Before I give you today’s story, may I give you a list of links to previous posts on Thanksgiving?

Thanksgiving Recipes, Menus, and Stories from History.

As for today, I want to share with you the menu of the Thanksgiving Day banquet of the American Society in London, held at the Hotel Cecil, on November 26th, 1896.


Hors d'oeuvres.

Canapes de caviare
Olives Farcies.
Salades d'anchois.
Crevettes a l'Americaine.
Petits Canapes Cecil.
Salades a la Russe.


Consomme Saratoga.
Fausse Bisque.


Turbot.  Sauce Hollandaise.
Queues de Homard a la Delmonico.


Terrines de Poulet Paysanne.
Croustades de Ris de Veau St. Georges.


Filet de Boeuf Favorite
Mousse de Jambon Luculus
Pommes Parmantier [sic]


Turkey with Cranberry Sauce.
Perdreaux Roti.
Salade de Laitue.
Haricots Verts Panaches.


Pumpkin Pie.
Poires Bourdaloue.
Petits Fours.
Bombe Cecil
Fruits de Saison.

Vins Varies

As the recipe for the day, here is a lovely Mousse de Jambon (Ham Mousse) – surely a useful idea with Ham Season about to get into full swing, with its inevitable glut of leftovers, especially for my friends and family sweltering in the Southern Hemisphere summer.

Ham Mousse.
Soak a level tablespoon of gelatin in a fourth of a cup of cold water, and dissolve it in three-quarters of a cup of hot chicken liquor or white stock; strain over a cup of finely chopped boiled ham, and season to taste with salt and cayenne. Stand in a pan of cold water, stir until the mixture begins to set, then fold into it a cup of thick cream, beaten until stiff and dry. Turn into chilled baking powder cans and stand aside for several hours in a cold place to harden. Turn out, cut in slices, serve on lettuce leaves, put a spoonful of mayonnaise on each slice, and garnish in the centre with an olive or a round of sliced pickle. Serve as a salad course with wafers or sandwiches.

Delphos Weekly Herald (Ohio) April 4, 1902

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