Friday, April 10, 2015

Travel Snacks.

Today I will be packing and checking all is in order for my holiday with my sister. We leave tomorrow for Washington DC and New York City to catch up with my nephew for his birthday, and to do some obligatory holiday sightseeing and eating.  So, I have a short post with a travel theme for you today.

I have previously posted recipes for travel food taken from cookery books of the past. You may remember:

I have a feeling there are a couple more buried in the blog somewhere, but I cannot remember their names so cannot find them. I do however have a couple of new additions for you today.

Travellers’ Biscuits.
6 lbs. of flour, 4 lbs. of powdered loaf sugar, 2 lbs. of butter, 1½ lb. of preserved orange and lemon peel cut small, 1 ½ lb. of blanched sweet almonds chopped small, 3 oz. of ground ginger, ½ oz. of volatile suits, 8 eggs, with sufficient milk to mix the whole into a moderate consistence.
Roll into moderately thin sheets, cut into biscuits with a small oval (lemon) cutter; lay on buttered plates about a quarter of an inch asunder, wash the tops with egg and milk, and bake in a moderately heated oven.
The Complete Biscuit and Gingerbread Baker's Assistant,
by George Read (London, 1854)

Captain Hall's Sandwiches for Travellers.
Spread butter, very thinly, upon the upper part of a stale loaf of bread cut very smooth, and then cut off the slice; now cut off another thin slice, but spread it with butter on the under side, without which precaution the two slices of bread will not fit one another. Next take some cold beef, or ham, and cut it into very minute particles. Sprinkle these thickly over the butter, and, having added a little mustard, put the slices face to face, and press them together. Lastly, cut the whole into four equal portions, each of which is to be wrapped in a separate piece of paper.
The Practice of Cookery: Adapted to the Business of Every Day Life
(Edinburgh, 1830) by Mrs Dalgairns.

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