Thursday, August 21, 2014

Things to do with Mint.

I am keeping it simple and mint-flavoured today. The Manchester Guardian of July 4, 1924 contained the following quite marvelous little collection of recipes for mint.

Many housewives use mint solely for sauce, and are unfamiliar with the innumerable other attractive recipes in which mint forms the most important ingredient.

Fill a glass jar with bruised mint leaves, and cover it with cold vinegar. After a fortnight, strain, bottle, and securely cork. This vinegar gives a delicious flavour to salad dressings.

Cut into dice two young cucumbers and two oranges.Arrange them on the best leaves of lettuce and sprinkle over them two dessertspoonfuls of finely chopped mint. Serve with mayonnaise sauce.

Mash up a small cream cheese, adding just a little cream, if possilble, to make it a better consistency. Season with salt and cayenne pepper, and add one tablespoonful of minced mint leaves. Spread between slices of brown bread and butter.

When one quart of peas are cooked in the ordinary way stir in two tablespoonfuls of butter, one teaspoonful of sugar, a little salt and pepper, and two tablespoonfuls of chopped mint.

Add the juice of two lemons to the bruised leaves of a bunch of mint. Cover it and leave to stand for ten minutes. Meanwhile make a syrup of half-pound of sugar and one pint of water. Add half a cupful of orange juice and lemon juice and mint. When it is cold, strain. A little should be put into each glass and filled up with water.

This is delicious when served hot. Heat over the fire some sweet cider, and for each tumblerful add a slice of lemon, a sprig of mint, and, when very hot, two teaspoonfuls of thick honey.

Chop up half a pound of tomatoes, one pound of cooking apples, six small onions, one and a half cupful of seeded raisins., half cupful of mint leaves, and three small sweet peppers Heat two teacupfuls of sugar, two teaspoonfuls of dry mustard, and two teaspoonfuls of salt, and leave to cool. Then add the chopped up ingredients. Place in perfectly clean jars and cork securely. It is ready for use in then days.

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