Friday, May 13, 2011

Thomas Tryon, Ep.5

Thomas Tryon, our seventeenth century subject for the week, took a stance on a number of philosophical issues which he translated into personal lifestyle choices not commonplace for the time. He avoided alcohol and flesh-eating, denounced cruelty to animals and slaves, and was rather the ascetic in his approach to life. His asceticism did not go so far as to eschew puddings however, as quite a few of his Seventy Five Noble Dishes indicate.

21. There is also made of Milk, several other sorts of Foods, viz.Cheese-Cakes, Custards, White-Pots, all which are much of one Nature and Operation, they nourish much, and are substantial, but are not to be eaten too frequently.
37. Apple Dumplings eaten with Butter, or Butter and Sugar, hath the first place of most sorts of Puddings; they are easie of Concoction, and afford a friendly nourishment.
38. Plain Dumplings made very small, viz. with good Flower,Milk, Eggs, and a little Butter mixed or work’d up in them, and made thin like small Cakes, about as large as a Crown Piece, and put into boiling Water, which will be boiled in a little time; this is a noble substantial Food, very sweet and pleasant, of a warming nature, of an easie friendly operation.
39. Plain Puddings made with Eggs, Flower, and Milk, well boiled and buttered, makes a firm Food, agreeable to the Stomach, being eaten temperately is both wholsom and healthy.
40. Boiled Dumplins made only with Flower, Milk, or Water, with a little Ginger, which is the best Spice for Puddings, with Yeast or Barm, and when done buttered, is a very good wholsom Food, and of easie digestion; of this alone, a Man may now and
then make a good Meal.
41. Boiled Puddings made with Flower Milk, and Eggs, and Raisons or Currans, and buttered, makes a pleasant Food, and a Man may now and then, give himself the liberty to make a Meal thereof without prejudice.
42. There are also several sorts of light Puddings made of Bread, and various sorts of ingredients, which are pleasant to the Palate, and not ungrateful to the Stomach, if sparingly eaten.
43. Rice Puddings both plain and made of Fruit, which for the most part are a pleasant sort of Food, easie of digestion, and may be freely eaten.
44. There are also several of Baked Puddings, which to most young People are delightful, they afford a good strong nourishment, and are best for such as Labour.
45. Apple Pies made with Fruit, that is neither too green or unripe, nor too cold or far spent, are a very good Food, especially for young People; they afford a good nourishment, and are friendly to Nature.
46. Pear Pies being full, ripe, makes a fine, gentle, friendly Food, of easie Concoction.

Quotation for the Day.

Of Flesh and its operation in the Body, and also on the Senses. That the continual Eating thereof without due distinction of proper Times and Seasons, does darken the Spirits, and distempers Natures. Likewise of the excellency of Herbs, Fruits, and their inward operation on the Body and Mind.
Thomas Tryon.

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Lapinbizarre said...

Tryon's method of preparing dumplings is still how they are prepared in the US South - butter for shortening and thin, about the size of a crown piece.