Thursday, April 30, 2009

Uncle’s Pudding.

In the spirit of the theme for the week, I have searched hard for a historic contribution from male family members. In previous posts we have had, from Mother (Eve’s Pudding yesterday, and Mum’s Delight pudding some time ago), then in a single post we had the triple delights of Auntie’s Pudding, The Good Daughter’s Pudding, and Grandma’s Pickle. Aunties win, no doubt of that. Puddings definitely win in the content stakes too. Why is that? There is a dearth of grandmother’s stews, or daughter’s roast chook, or sisters muffins – and the dearth of male contributors is almost absolute. Why is that? With more men in the home kitchen in the last few decades, hopefully future cookbooks will correct the deficit.

I did find one exception to half the rules – from Uncle, for Pudding.

Uncle Tom’s Pudding.
Heat half a pound of treacle in a basin, mix in with it half a pound of flour, six ounces of minced beef suet, two ounces of brown sugar, one tea-spoonful of ground ginger, one of ground cinnamon, one of allspice, and the same of carbonate of soda. Beat up two eggs, mix them with a tea-cupful of butter-milk, and add to the other ingredients ; mix them all together, pour into a buttered mould, and boil for two hours, serve with egg sauce.
Practice of Cookery and Pastry, Williamson, 1862.

P.S - The ONE THOUSANDTH post tomorrow!


Cindy said...

Can't wait to learn what the 1000th post will be -- I'm coming up on my 300th!

Congratulations again on the new status of "grandmother!"

The Old Foodie said...

The planned 1000th post may not eventuate - grandmotherhood is pretty busy until the little man gets out of hospital!

Liz + Louka said...

That pudding sounds yummy! (I love spices.) Seems when the men did get into the kitchen, they wanted to make something special.