Thursday, January 26, 2006

The inevitable banquet.

Today, January 26th …

This day in 1888 marked the centennial anniversary of the day that Captain Arthur Phillips formally claimed the land as the furthest outpost of Her Majesty’s Empire, and landed a considerable number of her less desirable subjects as its first citizens.

The colony celebrated the day from the beginning, first as Foundation Day or Anniversary Day, and after 1946 as Australia Day. The centennial anniversary of white settlement was celebrated particularly magnificently and magnanimously in Sydney. A public holiday was declared, the public (presumably the white members) were allowed into Centennial Park, and religious services, parades, and exhibitions were held. Centennial ration packs were handed out to 11,000 deserving poor (presumably the white ones), and 13,000 workers marched (as they do) and laid the foundation stone for a new Trades Hall. Naturally, there was a statue unveiling, and naturally, it was of Her Majesty.

In the Town Hall in the evening there was “the inevitable banquet” for the most important white folk – or at least the male ones, ladies not being allowed at public banquets at the time. The first murmurings of Federation were already being heard, but loyalty was indisputably to the Empire, and the culture was resolutely British – which meant the formal menu was in French, and dishes did not include such things as fresh local oysters or kangaroo.

Saumon à la Royale.
Filet de Sole, Crême des Anchoies. Schnapper à la Maréchal.
Les Pâtes à la Reine.
Salmi des Perdrix.
Chaud Froid de Volaille.
Dinde Rôti à la Perigord. Dinde Boulli, Sauce aux Champignons.
Jambon de Yorc. Langues de Bœuf.
Selle d’Agneau. Haut de Bœuf.
Bœuf en Preserve.
Faisans, Sauce au Pain.
Pâte de Foie Gras en Aspic.
Salade à la Russe.
Mayonnaise des Crevettes.
Gelée à l’Australienne.
Gelée des Oranges. Gelée au Ponche.
Charlotte aux Fraises.
Pouding à la Princesse. Pouding aux Amandes.
Crême à la Vanille. Crême au Fleur des Oranges.
Crême au Chocolat.
Nougat au Crême.
Bouchées des Dames. Tartelettes au Crême.
Pouding Glacé à la Nesselrode.
Eau Glacé aux Oranges.

Sherry, Hock, Chablis, Australian Wine.
Champagnes: Ruinart, Irroy, Pommery and Greno.
Clarets: Mouton de Rothschild, Latour.
Liqueurs: Curacoa, Maraschino, Old Brandy.
The entremets/dessert puzzle must wait for another story!

No recipe today folks, fresh oysters need no cooking, only the accompaniment of a good white wine (Australian of course).

Tomorrow: The Baronet’s Egg.

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