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Rhyming Recipes for Christmas.

It is time for a little fun. On a few occasions in the past I have given you rhyming recipes for various dishes (see links below), and I have a few more for you today. I found them in The Huddersfield Chronicle and West Yorkshire Advertiser (West Yorkshire, England), of Saturday, December 21, 1867.

To half a pound of suet – beef – cut fine,
Of apples pared and shredded add the same;
A pound of currants picked and washed quite clean,
And one of raisins – never mind the name:
Although Malaga is the kind preferred
For such a purpose, stoned and chopped up small.
A pound of sugar, rather coarse, and then
Of beef well roasted, half a pound in all.
Some citron, say two ounces sliced, and four
Of candied lemon-peel and orange too;
Half of a nutmeg ground, a pinch of salt,
A quarter of an ounce of ginger. You
Of coriander seed may add a third
Or quarter of an ounce; of cloves a like
Proportion; and of allspice just as much,
Which in a mortar you should pound or strike
This being done you at once should squeeze
The juice of seven lemons firmly pressed.
The rind of six to powder grated; these
Together mixed will make the very best,
In other words the finest mincemeat out,
A thing in great demand at Christmas time,
When friends require something very nice,
And love to taste the dishes reckoned prime.

To bread-crumbs and flour, three ounces of each,
Add three eggs and six ounces of sueet
Chopped fine, and one-sixth of a nutmeg or more,
So long as you don’t overdo it.
A good pinch of mace, and of cinnamon ground,
Or in other words carefully grated;
Half a pint of new milk, a spoonful of salt
A teaspoon I ought to have stated.
To this add some raisins (Malaga) well stoned
And some currants washed clean and washed nicely,
aOf each half a pound, or as some people say,
Of either eight ounces precisely.

Then of citron and lemon an ounce and a half,
Half the former and one of the latter;
Four ounces of sugar – the moist kind will do –
Which will form an exceedingly rich bater
Or mixture. The eggs to a cream should be beat
With the spices, and then by degrees
The milk may be added according to taste,
And the other ingredients to please.
Now taking for granted the pudding is made,
And the water is boiling like fun;
Tie it up in a cloth, pop it into the pot,
And boil – seven hours – till done.

And here is another that I could not resist because I found it in a newspaper from the area I grew up in: from The North-Eastern Daily Gazette (Middlesbrough, England), of Thursday, December 14, 1893:

“First get yourself a wooden spoon and good-sized bowl
So you may thoroughly incorporate the whole.”

Put in the bowl then first, a pound of flour, and to it
Add two pounds (chopped very fine) of prime beef suet,
A pound of bread crumbs next stir in, but please you, halt!
With the flour and suet add a pinch or two of salt;
Then Sultanas, Raisins, Currants, of each two pound
(Choose fine and large new season’d fruit, and clean and sound).
The Currants and Sultanas well pick over, wash, and dry.
Well stone the Raisins, but taste naught on the sly!
Next add a teaspoonful (not more) f good mix’d spice,
And RIZINE, half a pound, will make it light and nice;
Mixed candied-peel too, half a pound, sliced very thin,
Then a pound of good cane sugar well mixed in;
A score of Jordan almonds, bleached, and cut up small,
Will to the compound a nice addition be withal;
Add to the whole then (you’ll sing its praises louder)
A penny packet o RIZINE BAKING POWDER,
Pour o’er the ingredients then (if any handy)
A wineglass full of good old foreign brandy;
Add lastly – Eight fresh eggs, well beaten to a froth,
Then vigorously mix in, and boil it in your cloth.
Should, in the meantime, friends drop in, ask each to stir,
That they a Merry Christmas too may have, and Happy year.
-         Send for “Rizine, and its uses,” post free from Rizine Works, 87, Borough High-street, London, S.E. – ADVT.

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~~louise~~ said...

Hi Janet:)
I haven't been keeping up with blogging as frequently lately but when I saw this post in my side bar, I just had to pop over for a visit!

LOVE rhyming recipes especially this time of year. Thanks so much for sharing, Janet...

I'm sure you've seen this one before but, just in case,

One cup of sugar, one cup of milk
Two beaten eggs beaten fine as silk;
Salt and nutmeg (lemon will do)
Of baking powder teaspoons two
Lightly stir the flour in
Roll on pie board not to thin
Cut in diamonds, twists or rings
Drop with care the doughy things
Into fat that briskly swells
Evenly the spongy cells;
Watch with care the time for turning
Fry them brown just short of burning;
Roll in sugar, serve when cool,
Price a quarter for this rule.

Wishing You and Yours a Very Merry Christmas, Louise:)

The Old Foodie said...

Hi louise! - Good to hear from you again.And thankyou for the recipe, I havent come across it before.