Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Coffee Bequest.

It was not unusual in times long past for an individual to provide in his or her will a sum of
money to be used to supply bread, or cheese, or herrings or some other staple to the poor of the village at a determined day in the year. No doubt this was done in the hope or expectation of divine reward after death. The relatively recent story I give you today speaks of a very different type of bequest, and leads me to long to know the ‘story behind the story’ – because there must surely be an interesting one! The story comes from the New York Times of March 10, 1912.

William Faversham’s Aunt-in-Law Benefits Brooklyn “Wasp” Party.

ALBANY. March 9. – Involved in a case before the Court of Appeals for decision calling for an interpretation of the will of Elisa Graf of Brooklyn, aunt of Mrs. William Faversham, is a unique bequest of $200 to an association known as the “Coffee Party Wasp” of Brooklyn. The money was left to the association “to make such disposition thereof as it deemed for the best interests of the said coffee party.”
In a letter accompanying the will the testatrix said: “I have left $200 to the coffee party, and ask that you will visit my grave on the second day of November, All Souls’ Day: it is my birthday. Use the interest of the $200 and put a few flowers on my grave. All go have a good cup of coffee and think kindly of grandma.”

The recipe for the day must be for something suitable for an indulgent grandma with a sense of fun to make for her loved ones.

Coffee Marshmallow Sundae.
Sundaes are always served individually. Fill a sherbet or frappe glass moderately full with vanilla or coffee ice cream or a combination of both, preferably using an ice cream scoop. Pour over coffee marshmallow sauce, which should be ice cold, and serve at tone.
Coffee Marshmallow Sauce.
1 cup brown sugar
1 ¼ cups boiling coffee.
½ cup marshmallow cream
¼ teaspoon vanilla.
Combine the sugar and coffee and simmer for about 18 minutes, adding the marshmallow cream the last moment or two and beating it in thoroughly. Chill, flavor and use as directed with the ice cream.

Galveston Daily News (Texas) June 21, 1930

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